lundi 19 octobre 2009

Budgetary restriction: 0 / Shopaholic: 1

Here is ! I couldn’t resist ! While I had promised to Grandbobun that I would spend nothing more in shopping, that I would content myself with my winter current clothes and pairs of shoes because this end of year is not pretty at all, financially speaking :
- Exaggerated income tax,
- local taxes which underwent too the inflation (apparently, once finished municipal elections, the elected representatives hurried well to increase everything to finance the projects expressed in their speech)
- to inflate a little my savings with the apartment purchase aim (which we have not found yet but in the meantime, have I to become as thrifty as the ant or the famous squirrel).

On Saturday, taking advantage of the good weather in spite of the cold and the North wind, I was wandering in town and I said to myself: " Hey ! A little fawning-shop window cannot hurt, eh ? It is not because we are on a diet that you cannot look at the menu, eh ? ".

I went into a shop of shoes, but I bought anything… A clothes store, idem, I went out stammers and especially tired to have been pushed aside by crazy shopping nutcases who would tear you away and pull off your hand or arm when you were stretched out to touch or look closer at the clothe.

I decided to stop at " Mango ", which opened since this summer. I had gone there only once and I believed that I was going to die crushed so there was crowd.

Strangely, contrary to Zara, clothes are automatically folded and tidied up on their place. That does not make flea market. I roam so-so between beams and there, I flashe on a black, long vest with sleeves ¾ and small pockets. Even if a couple stopped me (yes, yes, " we are alone in the world and we bother nobody "), I throw myself so-so on the desired object.

I hear the chick whispering to her man: " oh ! I like very much this cardigan ! "
(Mouhahaha !! I know, I have too much taste in fashion and I inspire the whole world ! Lol)

- Wait, I go to check it…
(he almost pushes me a bit, without a « sorry » nor « sh** » - how rude is he !)

- What size ? A "S", a "M" ? Wait, I check it if there is a "S"…
(I have THE last one in my hands which I return everywhere to see if there is no defect somewhere)

- Sorry, sweetheart, there is not any more…
(I can feel the chick’s murderer glance on me)
(I’m exulting !)

Thus me here is the buyer of a great black long vest which will be so glam with a wide belt !!

Well OK, along the way I off-loaded the moderate 40-euro sum…

But it is for a good cause ! The winter will be rough (I heard on the radio the meteorologists saying the just opposite : the ocean temperatures climb of 0,3°C or 0,5°C) and I thus needed NECESSARILY this clothe !
(So much bad faith)

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