vendredi 9 octobre 2009

Uniqlo becomes established in France

Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing company, is already present everywhere in the world, Tokyo, Seoul, London, Singapore or New York and now, this firm wants to conquer the French market. Then to become established in one of the fashion city like Paris can be the success key !

On October 1st took place the store Uniqlo Paris Opéra * opening, which enticed the crowds, thanks to an important press campaign and a very targeted location, the retail selling in the same way as giants of the fashion cheap, like the Spanish Zara, the Swedish H&M and the American Gap, the international leader in this market.

Why such a success ? With jeans saled for10 euros and cashmere pullovers from 39,90 euros, these very attractive prices push necessarily the potential buyer to the consumption !

Furthermore, on contrary to its competitors, Uniqlo does not bet on the " total look " trend, but on "perennially fashionable" basics, declined in ranges of colors and varied forms. In the end, everybody has to find "normally" something to buy ! Moreover, if we go visit their French site, we discover a tonfof collections and very important colors !

Good to know : the Japanese giant opened his on-line store for lines HEATTECH for men and women (comfortable and pleasant materials to wear who holds well the heat - perfect for winter, isn't it ?).

In any case, the group has one year to make profitable its Parisian selling point, in the stemming from which, if the results are satisfactory, other stores will be appeared in the French capital.

And when will stores establish in the rest of France ?

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