mardi 29 septembre 2009

H&M does it again… with Sonya Rykiel

After Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and Jimmy Choo (the last fashion star arrived in date), the extremely famous brand Hennes & Mauritz (alias H&M) teams up with another fashion icon, Sonya Rykiel.

This latter will sign a collection of lingerie and clothes for winter and sping collections. The 1th will come on December 5th in the 1.500 stores of the mark (in other words, H&M puts on a second "gold rush" after the launch of the collection by Jimmy Choo on November 14th, 2009!). These clothes will be also available in the stores of the brand Sonya Rykiel.

It will be necessary to wait on February 20th, 2010 to discover the new lines drawn by this stylist (clothes made of whool for women and children).

Then fashionistas, in your schedules (and get your credit cards ready) !

Friends, the screen adaptation ?

I’m not gonna repeat myself about the fact I’m such a huge fan of the mythic TV show Friends… (Well I’m still doing it, in case it’s not quite clear…).

I was EXTREMELY disappointed when the TV show stopped in 2004, after 10 years of good and loyal services (even more when I saw that the last season just counted less than 20 épisods ! What a daylight robbery !).

Anyway… I was regularly looking for some great news about an eventual rerun of the mythic TV show (hope gives you life !)… Well… nope !


After many more and less crazy rumors, hope is rising again ! No the TV show won’t rerun, but there’ll be a movie project ! hoho !

Although the main actors always declare they never re-play their part in that show, James Michael Tyler, alias Gunther the barman of Central Perk, has just confirmed, in the opening of the famous coffee shop in Soho – London, that a project will come out and the Geller, Green, Bings, Tribiani and Buffay will be there too. « The only thing I can tell you, I’m in. There will be a movie and all the staff members of the TV Show of whom I’m still in contact are there too ! I really like this period when I was playing in that show and I can’t wait to work again with all the staff »*.

On top of that : the creators of Friends, Marta Kauffman et David Crane, agree too to write and produce the movie, which would come in 2011.

Isn’t it great ?

* Sorry for this horrible translation - it's a litteraly translation of french which is a translation of english (sounds ridiculous, doesn't it ?). I can't find the James M. Tyler's interview... So if you've got it, please just let me know by writting a comment in that blog ! Thanks !

jeudi 24 septembre 2009

Warning : handbags in danger !

This is the mail I received 2 or 3 times and which made me feel sick… My purse, the must-have accessory of the feminine and modern woman, a bacteria trap ?

A study about it was carried by a journalist, Shauna Lake, from the american channel KUTV, specialised in information documentaries on unknown bacteria risks exposed to consumers.

In 2006, Shauna Lake ordered test kits to the laboratory NELSON LAB and made test on about 50 handbags of volontary women in the street in Salt Lake City (US). Then those tests were sent to a microbiologist of this laboratory to be analysed.

Disastered result : our so lovely handbang is a bacteria bomb

How ?

As we don’t live in a sterile world (we’re not « bubble kids »), our environment is full of bacteria, our purses too.
Moreover, a lot of women put their handbags down on floor (the worst thing ever : on the WC floor, so as consequences, the E. coli, an intestinal bacterium), on tables, on beds… The latter become a real germ carrier

Is it so dangerous ?

Some pretend our handbags is more dangerous than mobile phones or even WC handles. According to Beau Rollins (NELSON LABS), « it’s typical : mobile phones rather bring skin germs like staphylocoques or coccidies. The WC handles are rich of bacteria too because they’re not cleaned… It’s purse materials which convey bacteria. The germs live longer on a handbag made of cloth than of vinyle or leather. Besides purses get these results because they’re in so much places and environments. »
However this study doesn’t permit to obtain a quantification of bacteria, so it is difficult to confirm at 100 % our purses are more dangerous than our mobile phone, mp3 player or cheese in our fridge...

And the conclusion is ?

Don’t panic ! Our lovely friend is still a bacteria bearer. But you have just to make attention of the places you put it down and to clean it regularly.

Pour plus d’info, c’est par ici.
(Here for more information)

mercredi 23 septembre 2009

Fashion and health, incompatible ?

When I was reading news on Web (as you guess, this is one of my favorite hobbies), I was stunned by one on « the danger to be fashion ». That means : fashion is not good for health !

The Dr Shazia Khan, from the specialized Loyola University of Chicago, advices women to adopt a healthier behaviour not to undergo the bad consequences of fashion on our health.

(Arf ! One of my weaknesses)

One of our feminine attribute implicated ! Holding heavy handbags (like more than 4,5kg… It’s amazing how much you can put stuffs in it !) can cause some body aches like back, neck and shoulders.
(That’s my case… that’s why I choose now light purses)
The Dr Khan recommands small handbags (so we’re not tempted to put in it so much useless things) or backpacks which is healthier for our back and shoulders (but I don’t like it…).
She reminds the fact that purses are full of bacteria (like E. coli, an intestinal bacterium, or staphylococcus aureus) as women put it down everywhere instead of hanging it up. You’ve got to clean it regularly.
(Most of ours have certainly received an email on the frigtening stuffs conveyed by this accessory although so feminine… Since, I hang it up on the back of my chair and I clean it regularly).

High heel shoes

Those women who’s got back ache or « oignons » on their feet know it well : wearing high heel shoes, even they make our outfit so glam and sexy, is really not good for our health !
The pressure made on the arch gives some pain (feet, back, ankles, calf muscles and knees).
The Dr Khan is certainly not a « stiletto nazi », and recommands to change the height of heels everyday and to chose it square.
(I love high heel shoes but since I wear ballet shoes, I don’t often wear it – Actually I’ve only got it when I’m sure I’m not going to walk a lot with it !)

Costume jewels

(And I’ve just bought it some…)

We’re only talking here about potential nickel allergy. The solution if we are allergic is to make our costume jewels recovered by palladium nickel or we can simply buy jewel made of steel for instance.

French manucure

(I’m not a huge fan of « fake nails »)

The acrylic nails can provide bacteria and fungus which could infect you. So nails have to be moised and polished.

After reading this, will you change your habits ?

mardi 22 septembre 2009

Train for the Earth

Today the train to the Earth will stop at noon at the Perrache Station in Lyon.

This migrant exhibition (23 stopping places, from September 15th to October 11th) is a unique and free event with its magnificient sounds, videos and pictures.
The aim : to answer questions about how the Earth works and to raise public awareness of the environment protection.

This exhibition tackles 4 big questions :
- climate,
- water,
- energy,
- ressources management by mankind.

The visit is fun and makes learn a lot : the visitor is making a trip in space and has got a magnifient vue of the planet. Then he’s diving inside the Earth and is surfacing on a ice field to get a better understanding about the global warming. Next he’s visiting mines and will learn about fossile energies and is ending his run in the middle of fields to discover « green » powers.

But the visitor won’t stop there. The final stopping place is a tropical greenhouse in where he gets a better understanding about the ressources management by mankind.

Pour plus d’info, c’est par ici.
(Here for more information)

lundi 21 septembre 2009

Am I a Bridget Jones ?

One the first chick lit I bought is certainly the « Birdget Jones’ Diary »… the 2nd volume « The Edge of Reason », written by Helen Fielding. I vaguely knew the first one's story so why not buying directly the 2nd one ? After all, I thought it was a little bit stupid to read the 2nd although I didn’t read the 1st, so I bought the 1st book !

Verdict : I LOVED it ! I think it was original to write a story on a diary model, and so as the annotations on the top of each chapter, like a follow-up of consommation and weight due to the « good resolutions » of the year. Humour and hilarious situations are the success key of this story, which is a special dedidace to all the 30 years old women looking for the True Love.

Synopsis :
Bridget Jones is a 30 year old single woman who’s got some
too much weight, drinks a lot and smokes too much. Her mother always criticizes her and looks desesperatly for a man for her and why not introducing her the neighbours’ son, Marc Darcy, a brilliant lawyer specialised in human rights ? But Bridget’s got a crush on her boss, Daniel Cleaver. And all that creates a lot of hilarious situations…
Last night, like millions viewers, I watched the Bridget Jones' movie on channel 1. I’ve already seen it at cinema but I don’t really remember it… except the fact I spent good times...

I think René Zwelleger is playing this part perfectly : heavy-handed and totally lunatic at the same time. Hugh Grant is sexy, charming… and a real bastard in that Daniel Cleaver part. Colin Firth is a good performer as Mark Darcy, shy and heavy-handed, so in love with Bridget, this « old drunk and smoker lady ».

However screen adaptations always are underwhelming. Of course you can’t make everything written in the book in the scenario but still, I’m often disappointed. Reading the book worths it even if the movie is quite good… I simply regret that we don’t see a lot her friends and her psycho books on men and women relationship addiction which shows her self-confident lack.

vendredi 18 septembre 2009

What’s a « dedipix » ?

These last years, writting a blog is as trendy as thigh boots this winter : teens, adults whatever their age give themselves over the joys of blogging ! Besides I began one since january 2009 (one of my good resolutions for this year !) and I surprise myself to state that I write articles regularly and I become addicted (who could believe that ?) !

Reading articles in Web, I was stunned by one about "dedipix". I don't know if you know what it is but I've got absolutely no idea about that !(Oh the old lady who doesn't know that !)(Yeah, maybe... but I live with it !)

It's a fashionable phenomenon among teenagers, and particularly young girls, who create for most of them their blog on Skyblog or Overblog. At this age (and not only...), we often want to be liked and there's a kind of tacit and fiercely competition to get the biggest com' number.

So the target for a pervert blogger is to get pictures of these girl teens in exchange for writting x com' on their blog. For instance :
- 75 com' in return for a picture of her hand with the skyblogger's name (not really bad, isn't it ?),
- 100 com' for one of their belly (the guy becomes mischievous),
- 200 com' for one of their breast (ouh la la !! He's getting excited !),
- etc.

Some associations like Action Innocence (Innocence Action) and some bloggers and journalists are trying to alert people to those unhealthy pedophile practices ! They point the fact that these teens, looking for a good popularity rating, aren't really conscious about the consequences of their acts because most of them don't mask their face.

When you read that, you could just be revolted and insult these pervert disgusting people !

How do those blogs like Skyblog or Overblog react ? A priori Skyblog's doing nothing since this is a free ad for them !

"Damn it !"

"Nothing at all !". Unlike what people say, most of girl teens chose the option "write his name on my hand" (there's still exception, but these girls aren't so stupid to take pictures of their breast AND their face ! It's like pushing granny in brambles... but still a little bit ?). And concerning the rest, it's fake pictures...

Moreover, we often forget that these web sites have a kind of board of censors, which censors all types of pornographic pictures (you'll never see a napple or pubic hair !).

For my part, com' is a good mean to communicate and share with bloggers, but I'm not such a crazy girl to accept this kind of an unknown pervert blogger's deal (in the same time, that's not going to happen to me ! I'm not so fresh as I'll turn 30 soon). I'm not judging these teens. They do whatever they want and I believe they're conscious enough not to cross the lines or falling into this stupid trap (but we never know...).

And you, have you ever heard about that, seen it ?

mardi 15 septembre 2009

I love NYC

My dream : visiting the Big Apple, with its famous Statue of Liberty, its skycrapers, its huge Central Park, its yellow taxi cabs…

Why ?
May be because my oncle lived in Bronx for about 10 years and came back to his born country (Cambodia). He told us, when we were young, some fun or frightening stories (ex : he used to have a gun at home cause of gangs…).
Or because I’m such a huge fan of american TV shows like Friends, Sex & The City or HIMYM whose story is in New-York…
My brothers' enthusiastic comments when they visited this city last year, totally amazed (and I, horribly envious).
But I was not the only one of dreaming of that : my Best Friend Forever too (BFF) !

It’s been years we were talking about that and we decided that would happen for celebrating our friendship 10 years anniversary (this year) or our 30 years old birthday (next year) – I know I’ll be definitively hysterical !

An evening, we decided to plan to go there at the end of October. His guy was OK. Mine too, even he would prefer discover this city just the two of us (he’s not keen on NYC but he knows it’s one of my dreams to go over there… Do I write a lot « dream », don't I ?).

Unfortunately, we don’t do whatever we want. Even we planned a date, even my BFF looked for the best prices, I had to cancel it. Why ? Simply because I had others priorities (like the deadly appointment which was canceled, my stressful study thing, my job…).

My BFF was a bit mad at me.

I totally understand her disappointment. She’s actually unemployed since few months. She goes every week to her association but sometimes she feels like a marginal : people’s got a job and go every day to work (even we wish sometimes stay at home instead…). Each day is the same day : she meets the association members and looks for a job. So the opportunity to be involved in this project was exciting for her and broke her routine !

I’m lucky as I never know how it feels to be unemployed. Even if I’m trying to understand her feelings about this situation, I’ll never know how hard it can be !

She apoligized to me few days later when she realised she was a bit rude with me. I wasn’t mad at her at all because I totally undestood her disappointment.

Anyway I think my book « be terrified but dare ! » (sorry for the litteral translation) is right : we built ourselves walls, we find excuses not to dive in the unknown !

May be I was afraid to be involved in this project, to make come to true this dream.

But… I won’t give up to make this trip next year. I’ve got to celebrate my 30 years old birthday, haven’t I ?

lundi 14 septembre 2009

Accessory fan ?

In my last article, I wrote that I was unable to resist to the shopping call and I couldn’t stop myself from buying stuffs.

I bought cheap pointless things but I think that they’ll make my dress a pretty good style !

I’m not an accessory fan (except for shoes and handbags), simply because I don’t know what to do with it and mostly because I don’t know how to wear it and to match with. It’s been just 2 years from now that I bought fantasy jewelry like long necklaces (I’ve got around 10 ones).

And I decided to test bracelets in a Camaieu store (I didn’t really look for it but I just liked them when I saw them) :
- 2 steel bracelets (a large one, a thin one),
- 1 gold large one,
which cost about 9 euros.

And that looks pretty good on me (as I’m kind of « out of fashion », my look is casual and I was afraid these accessories didn’t match with my clothes).

dimanche 13 septembre 2009

Shopaholic is back !

This summer, I was proud of me : I didn't go shopping ! And most of all I didn't buy any shoes (I love this season and I used to offer me 2 or 3 pairs of shoes !). Result : any shoes shopping (even when my Roxy thongs were broken) !

But after 2 months of budgetary restrictions, I wasn't able to resist to shopping call anymore !

It's been months that I was looking for a really awesome purse : middle size, chocolat brown or bloody red or why not in dark purple ? There were so few handbags which matched with my endpoints and those weren't cheap (budget max : 100 euros - which I think is quite a lot) !

In July, wandering in Edouard Herriot street in Lyon, we went in a Esprit store and what did I see ? A great purse (colors : black and brown), with a small cute silver bukle where was writting the brand name. But arf ! 79,90 euros wasn't offered and plus : it was not made of leather (100% polyesther - isn't it a daylight robbery ?) !

Anyway I decided to think about it... and in September, I couldn't resist anymore ! I didn't bought the one I saw first in July but another handbag (I liked pretty much more its shape than the other) ! But I regret they didn't make it in chocolate brown or in this gorgeous purple rain, much funnier than the black one, too classic !

That was too bad ! Still I love my new handbag : its great shape and style, its size and its light weight (as I suffer from a shoulder tendonitis, there's no way for me to hold heavy bags !)

lundi 7 septembre 2009

A fashion blog

It’s been a long time that I haven’t made shopping on those private sales web sites. By the way, I didn’t buy anything even when one of those famous web sites sold articles from Sonya Rikiel (to be honest, I couldn’t offer myself one of the so awesome purses even there were great sales like from 30 to 60 % off… And I almost bought some little cute underwears but unfortunately the stock were completely depleted !)

By the way, the Sonya Rikiel’s daughter (Nathalie) decided to create a blog to be more close to her customers and fashionistas ( You can visit it on September 14th.

People can exchanges points of vue or so, new creations etc. Of course, Nathalie Rikiel will write some articles about fashion, but also exhibitions, movies and books, and will be recognized by the signature of « Dita du Flore ». For the absolute stylist fans, documents about fashion, videos and also advices from Sonya Rikiel will be abled to be consulted on line.

Another detail : "surprise" guests will write articles about their favourite trends. And Garance Doré will be the first one to inaugurate this blog.