mercredi 23 septembre 2009

Fashion and health, incompatible ?

When I was reading news on Web (as you guess, this is one of my favorite hobbies), I was stunned by one on « the danger to be fashion ». That means : fashion is not good for health !

The Dr Shazia Khan, from the specialized Loyola University of Chicago, advices women to adopt a healthier behaviour not to undergo the bad consequences of fashion on our health.

(Arf ! One of my weaknesses)

One of our feminine attribute implicated ! Holding heavy handbags (like more than 4,5kg… It’s amazing how much you can put stuffs in it !) can cause some body aches like back, neck and shoulders.
(That’s my case… that’s why I choose now light purses)
The Dr Khan recommands small handbags (so we’re not tempted to put in it so much useless things) or backpacks which is healthier for our back and shoulders (but I don’t like it…).
She reminds the fact that purses are full of bacteria (like E. coli, an intestinal bacterium, or staphylococcus aureus) as women put it down everywhere instead of hanging it up. You’ve got to clean it regularly.
(Most of ours have certainly received an email on the frigtening stuffs conveyed by this accessory although so feminine… Since, I hang it up on the back of my chair and I clean it regularly).

High heel shoes

Those women who’s got back ache or « oignons » on their feet know it well : wearing high heel shoes, even they make our outfit so glam and sexy, is really not good for our health !
The pressure made on the arch gives some pain (feet, back, ankles, calf muscles and knees).
The Dr Khan is certainly not a « stiletto nazi », and recommands to change the height of heels everyday and to chose it square.
(I love high heel shoes but since I wear ballet shoes, I don’t often wear it – Actually I’ve only got it when I’m sure I’m not going to walk a lot with it !)

Costume jewels

(And I’ve just bought it some…)

We’re only talking here about potential nickel allergy. The solution if we are allergic is to make our costume jewels recovered by palladium nickel or we can simply buy jewel made of steel for instance.

French manucure

(I’m not a huge fan of « fake nails »)

The acrylic nails can provide bacteria and fungus which could infect you. So nails have to be moised and polished.

After reading this, will you change your habits ?

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