mardi 15 septembre 2009

I love NYC

My dream : visiting the Big Apple, with its famous Statue of Liberty, its skycrapers, its huge Central Park, its yellow taxi cabs…

Why ?
May be because my oncle lived in Bronx for about 10 years and came back to his born country (Cambodia). He told us, when we were young, some fun or frightening stories (ex : he used to have a gun at home cause of gangs…).
Or because I’m such a huge fan of american TV shows like Friends, Sex & The City or HIMYM whose story is in New-York…
My brothers' enthusiastic comments when they visited this city last year, totally amazed (and I, horribly envious).
But I was not the only one of dreaming of that : my Best Friend Forever too (BFF) !

It’s been years we were talking about that and we decided that would happen for celebrating our friendship 10 years anniversary (this year) or our 30 years old birthday (next year) – I know I’ll be definitively hysterical !

An evening, we decided to plan to go there at the end of October. His guy was OK. Mine too, even he would prefer discover this city just the two of us (he’s not keen on NYC but he knows it’s one of my dreams to go over there… Do I write a lot « dream », don't I ?).

Unfortunately, we don’t do whatever we want. Even we planned a date, even my BFF looked for the best prices, I had to cancel it. Why ? Simply because I had others priorities (like the deadly appointment which was canceled, my stressful study thing, my job…).

My BFF was a bit mad at me.

I totally understand her disappointment. She’s actually unemployed since few months. She goes every week to her association but sometimes she feels like a marginal : people’s got a job and go every day to work (even we wish sometimes stay at home instead…). Each day is the same day : she meets the association members and looks for a job. So the opportunity to be involved in this project was exciting for her and broke her routine !

I’m lucky as I never know how it feels to be unemployed. Even if I’m trying to understand her feelings about this situation, I’ll never know how hard it can be !

She apoligized to me few days later when she realised she was a bit rude with me. I wasn’t mad at her at all because I totally undestood her disappointment.

Anyway I think my book « be terrified but dare ! » (sorry for the litteral translation) is right : we built ourselves walls, we find excuses not to dive in the unknown !

May be I was afraid to be involved in this project, to make come to true this dream.

But… I won’t give up to make this trip next year. I’ve got to celebrate my 30 years old birthday, haven’t I ?

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