mardi 22 septembre 2009

Train for the Earth

Today the train to the Earth will stop at noon at the Perrache Station in Lyon.

This migrant exhibition (23 stopping places, from September 15th to October 11th) is a unique and free event with its magnificient sounds, videos and pictures.
The aim : to answer questions about how the Earth works and to raise public awareness of the environment protection.

This exhibition tackles 4 big questions :
- climate,
- water,
- energy,
- ressources management by mankind.

The visit is fun and makes learn a lot : the visitor is making a trip in space and has got a magnifient vue of the planet. Then he’s diving inside the Earth and is surfacing on a ice field to get a better understanding about the global warming. Next he’s visiting mines and will learn about fossile energies and is ending his run in the middle of fields to discover « green » powers.

But the visitor won’t stop there. The final stopping place is a tropical greenhouse in where he gets a better understanding about the ressources management by mankind.

Pour plus d’info, c’est par ici.
(Here for more information)

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