vendredi 18 septembre 2009

What’s a « dedipix » ?

These last years, writting a blog is as trendy as thigh boots this winter : teens, adults whatever their age give themselves over the joys of blogging ! Besides I began one since january 2009 (one of my good resolutions for this year !) and I surprise myself to state that I write articles regularly and I become addicted (who could believe that ?) !

Reading articles in Web, I was stunned by one about "dedipix". I don't know if you know what it is but I've got absolutely no idea about that !(Oh the old lady who doesn't know that !)(Yeah, maybe... but I live with it !)

It's a fashionable phenomenon among teenagers, and particularly young girls, who create for most of them their blog on Skyblog or Overblog. At this age (and not only...), we often want to be liked and there's a kind of tacit and fiercely competition to get the biggest com' number.

So the target for a pervert blogger is to get pictures of these girl teens in exchange for writting x com' on their blog. For instance :
- 75 com' in return for a picture of her hand with the skyblogger's name (not really bad, isn't it ?),
- 100 com' for one of their belly (the guy becomes mischievous),
- 200 com' for one of their breast (ouh la la !! He's getting excited !),
- etc.

Some associations like Action Innocence (Innocence Action) and some bloggers and journalists are trying to alert people to those unhealthy pedophile practices ! They point the fact that these teens, looking for a good popularity rating, aren't really conscious about the consequences of their acts because most of them don't mask their face.

When you read that, you could just be revolted and insult these pervert disgusting people !

How do those blogs like Skyblog or Overblog react ? A priori Skyblog's doing nothing since this is a free ad for them !

"Damn it !"

"Nothing at all !". Unlike what people say, most of girl teens chose the option "write his name on my hand" (there's still exception, but these girls aren't so stupid to take pictures of their breast AND their face ! It's like pushing granny in brambles... but still a little bit ?). And concerning the rest, it's fake pictures...

Moreover, we often forget that these web sites have a kind of board of censors, which censors all types of pornographic pictures (you'll never see a napple or pubic hair !).

For my part, com' is a good mean to communicate and share with bloggers, but I'm not such a crazy girl to accept this kind of an unknown pervert blogger's deal (in the same time, that's not going to happen to me ! I'm not so fresh as I'll turn 30 soon). I'm not judging these teens. They do whatever they want and I believe they're conscious enough not to cross the lines or falling into this stupid trap (but we never know...).

And you, have you ever heard about that, seen it ?

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