jeudi 24 septembre 2009

Warning : handbags in danger !

This is the mail I received 2 or 3 times and which made me feel sick… My purse, the must-have accessory of the feminine and modern woman, a bacteria trap ?

A study about it was carried by a journalist, Shauna Lake, from the american channel KUTV, specialised in information documentaries on unknown bacteria risks exposed to consumers.

In 2006, Shauna Lake ordered test kits to the laboratory NELSON LAB and made test on about 50 handbags of volontary women in the street in Salt Lake City (US). Then those tests were sent to a microbiologist of this laboratory to be analysed.

Disastered result : our so lovely handbang is a bacteria bomb

How ?

As we don’t live in a sterile world (we’re not « bubble kids »), our environment is full of bacteria, our purses too.
Moreover, a lot of women put their handbags down on floor (the worst thing ever : on the WC floor, so as consequences, the E. coli, an intestinal bacterium), on tables, on beds… The latter become a real germ carrier

Is it so dangerous ?

Some pretend our handbags is more dangerous than mobile phones or even WC handles. According to Beau Rollins (NELSON LABS), « it’s typical : mobile phones rather bring skin germs like staphylocoques or coccidies. The WC handles are rich of bacteria too because they’re not cleaned… It’s purse materials which convey bacteria. The germs live longer on a handbag made of cloth than of vinyle or leather. Besides purses get these results because they’re in so much places and environments. »
However this study doesn’t permit to obtain a quantification of bacteria, so it is difficult to confirm at 100 % our purses are more dangerous than our mobile phone, mp3 player or cheese in our fridge...

And the conclusion is ?

Don’t panic ! Our lovely friend is still a bacteria bearer. But you have just to make attention of the places you put it down and to clean it regularly.

Pour plus d’info, c’est par ici.
(Here for more information)

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