lundi 14 septembre 2009

Accessory fan ?

In my last article, I wrote that I was unable to resist to the shopping call and I couldn’t stop myself from buying stuffs.

I bought cheap pointless things but I think that they’ll make my dress a pretty good style !

I’m not an accessory fan (except for shoes and handbags), simply because I don’t know what to do with it and mostly because I don’t know how to wear it and to match with. It’s been just 2 years from now that I bought fantasy jewelry like long necklaces (I’ve got around 10 ones).

And I decided to test bracelets in a Camaieu store (I didn’t really look for it but I just liked them when I saw them) :
- 2 steel bracelets (a large one, a thin one),
- 1 gold large one,
which cost about 9 euros.

And that looks pretty good on me (as I’m kind of « out of fashion », my look is casual and I was afraid these accessories didn’t match with my clothes).

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