lundi 7 septembre 2009

A fashion blog

It’s been a long time that I haven’t made shopping on those private sales web sites. By the way, I didn’t buy anything even when one of those famous web sites sold articles from Sonya Rikiel (to be honest, I couldn’t offer myself one of the so awesome purses even there were great sales like from 30 to 60 % off… And I almost bought some little cute underwears but unfortunately the stock were completely depleted !)

By the way, the Sonya Rikiel’s daughter (Nathalie) decided to create a blog to be more close to her customers and fashionistas ( You can visit it on September 14th.

People can exchanges points of vue or so, new creations etc. Of course, Nathalie Rikiel will write some articles about fashion, but also exhibitions, movies and books, and will be recognized by the signature of « Dita du Flore ». For the absolute stylist fans, documents about fashion, videos and also advices from Sonya Rikiel will be abled to be consulted on line.

Another detail : "surprise" guests will write articles about their favourite trends. And Garance Doré will be the first one to inaugurate this blog.

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