dimanche 13 septembre 2009

Shopaholic is back !

This summer, I was proud of me : I didn't go shopping ! And most of all I didn't buy any shoes (I love this season and I used to offer me 2 or 3 pairs of shoes !). Result : any shoes shopping (even when my Roxy thongs were broken) !

But after 2 months of budgetary restrictions, I wasn't able to resist to shopping call anymore !

It's been months that I was looking for a really awesome purse : middle size, chocolat brown or bloody red or why not in dark purple ? There were so few handbags which matched with my endpoints and those weren't cheap (budget max : 100 euros - which I think is quite a lot) !

In July, wandering in Edouard Herriot street in Lyon, we went in a Esprit store and what did I see ? A great purse (colors : black and brown), with a small cute silver bukle where was writting the brand name. But arf ! 79,90 euros wasn't offered and plus : it was not made of leather (100% polyesther - isn't it a daylight robbery ?) !

Anyway I decided to think about it... and in September, I couldn't resist anymore ! I didn't bought the one I saw first in July but another handbag (I liked pretty much more its shape than the other) ! But I regret they didn't make it in chocolate brown or in this gorgeous purple rain, much funnier than the black one, too classic !

That was too bad ! Still I love my new handbag : its great shape and style, its size and its light weight (as I suffer from a shoulder tendonitis, there's no way for me to hold heavy bags !)

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