lundi 21 septembre 2009

Am I a Bridget Jones ?

One the first chick lit I bought is certainly the « Birdget Jones’ Diary »… the 2nd volume « The Edge of Reason », written by Helen Fielding. I vaguely knew the first one's story so why not buying directly the 2nd one ? After all, I thought it was a little bit stupid to read the 2nd although I didn’t read the 1st, so I bought the 1st book !

Verdict : I LOVED it ! I think it was original to write a story on a diary model, and so as the annotations on the top of each chapter, like a follow-up of consommation and weight due to the « good resolutions » of the year. Humour and hilarious situations are the success key of this story, which is a special dedidace to all the 30 years old women looking for the True Love.

Synopsis :
Bridget Jones is a 30 year old single woman who’s got some
too much weight, drinks a lot and smokes too much. Her mother always criticizes her and looks desesperatly for a man for her and why not introducing her the neighbours’ son, Marc Darcy, a brilliant lawyer specialised in human rights ? But Bridget’s got a crush on her boss, Daniel Cleaver. And all that creates a lot of hilarious situations…
Last night, like millions viewers, I watched the Bridget Jones' movie on channel 1. I’ve already seen it at cinema but I don’t really remember it… except the fact I spent good times...

I think René Zwelleger is playing this part perfectly : heavy-handed and totally lunatic at the same time. Hugh Grant is sexy, charming… and a real bastard in that Daniel Cleaver part. Colin Firth is a good performer as Mark Darcy, shy and heavy-handed, so in love with Bridget, this « old drunk and smoker lady ».

However screen adaptations always are underwhelming. Of course you can’t make everything written in the book in the scenario but still, I’m often disappointed. Reading the book worths it even if the movie is quite good… I simply regret that we don’t see a lot her friends and her psycho books on men and women relationship addiction which shows her self-confident lack.

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