lundi 12 octobre 2009

The one who's talking to much

(That reminds me Friends titles)

I had written, few days ago, a post on the new awareness in the fashion environment : showing " girls next door ", the true women of the true life !

Good news for us, women who do not wear size 34 (I suspect even these models of guzzling jeans size 32, so I have the impression that they have only skin on bones !). Youpi ! Hurrah ! Exit the lean ones !
But there's one who doesn't agree with that, the Fat Nazi, Karl Lagarfeld, or more known as the fashion guru, who comes down during an interview of the German magazine "Focus" in which he declares that the fashion exactly has to make dream and maintain " the illusion " (of what ? Of losing a bone ?) and that this debate of knowledge if the big women have their place in fashion environment does not take place. And to add that " nobody wants to see fat women there " and what they are " big good women sat with their chips package in front of television which say that the thin models are hideous ". He's totally kidding me or what ! Few years ago, this being had been a part of the fat guy category and he had had to make a draconian diet to have this weight to be credible in this environment where the thinness is the order.

First, I did not like him much because he was rather unpleasant me. His awful declarations on Audrey Tautou (it was shameless that this actress embodies Coco Chanel) and Heidi Klum (this " Secret's Victoria " top model is " too big " to be a real model) were only consolidating me in my feelings. And there, I find that he is even more pitiful than before, fashion kaiser or not.

Beyond these despicable comments, it is regrettable to notice that the models of Paris Fashion Week confirm the trend of the threadlike models. But good news ! During the Fashion Week in London, the stylist Mark Fast surprised everyone by making scroll on the podium, big models to present his summer collection, delivering a strong message : fashion is not only made for " thin and tall women but to all women ".

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