vendredi 2 octobre 2009

Get a pink ribbon on October !

For the sixteenth consecutive year in October, the association "The breast cancer, let's speak about it !" organizes events under the pink color sign as in France and in the world too, like balloon releases, pictures exhibitions, conferences, free screenings…

This campaign aim can be summed by two essential purposes : convincing women of premature screening importance and make progress the research.
At this moment, a mammography is planned every two years for women aged from 50 to 75 years old.

However, one of the association founders, the Marie-Claire magazine, militates on the necessity of advancing the fist screening age. Although the population at risk is effectively of 50 years old or more, nevertheless 30 % of breast cancers would declare themselves earlier.

In the meantime, feel your breast from time to time and in case of a slightest suspicious sign, it is necessary to consult quickly one's doctor (like an appearance of a ball, a redness, a flow of the nipple..). It is not a question here of activating a psychosis but simply of being watchful, because if it is about a cancer, the more a cancer is detected soon, the better cure chances are !

Then, do not hesitate to show your commitment with a pink ribbon !

(Personnally, I have some small balls in my breast, fibroids… Nothing really alarming. Just mild. My doctor practises palpation during my check up)

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