samedi 3 octobre 2009

Looking for a home sweet home

Today, Grandbobun and myself decided to look for our home sweet home. At present, we've got each an apartment - even if I live at him's since a few months, but we wish to invest in a house which belongs to us...

Above all, it is necessary to know that we are some kind of "looking for apartment tourists", that is to say we don't organize everything we decide to undertake. Grandbobun told me a few days previously, by looking on leaflets, that there was apartments to sell towards the Square Jean Macé (in the Lyon 7th district).

Me - OK super ! So let's go !
Him - Do you have the address ?
Me - Well... You told me that it was towards Jean Macé... I believed you knew where it was exactly !

Anyway, you see the kind of people we are !
While the Man was taking his shower, I was looking on the web for THE appartment we'd love to buy !

But honestly, between us, nothing of transcending. No lightning stroke. I shall say that sometimes, I think that people are kidding me when I see the astonishing prices of some apartments. You've got to forseen works of refreshment in addition ! What a kind of daylight robbery, isn't it ?

An agency went out because it puts several announcements which corresponded more to us... We went by subway up to the Square J. Macé to see what kind of appartment we could get in there.

But what a surprise ! Nobody there ! And we could read that the opening was from Monday till Saturday, from 9 am till 7 pm. We are on Saturday and it is 1 pm. Maybe do they left having lunch ?

Not important, we made of fawning-shop real estate agencies windows, situated in the surroundings (quite closed, naturally !). The same report : no particular love at first sight.

We returned to the estate agency at about 2:15 pm. Always closed.
(they were really kidding me or what ?)

Positive attitude : we went on the main avenue where we had seen 2 new apartments sales stands.
The 1st one presented so expensive apartments we couldn't pay, even in a million years. Plus the saler was an unwelcome lady so we didn't insist...

The 2nd one was... closed ! I thought that all the apartments were sold... and I was right.

We found nothing really interesting. But we're still looking for an appartment...

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