vendredi 16 octobre 2009

Thermal shock

You certainly noticed it, we cannot say that it was a summer weather since a few days ! I still remember that the last weekend, I wore a docker and a jacket, pants and ballerinas without knee socks… Even if the weather was often covered, i twas quite good to be out !

Today, in view of these wintry temperatures, I resigned to release my winter clothes : pullover, polo-neck jumper, coat, scarf but I resist to the appeal of the down jacket and of the hat !

We cannot say that I would have worn for a long time my trench coat special « middle-season » and my brown imitation leather jacket. I can even estimate, at a rough guess, that I took on them during hardly two weeks and still, without counting the weekends, because these days are my special days to " Friday wear " or rather, " no suit up day ".

For two days, when I come home, I put the heating because I freeze in my apartment nevertheless well isolated. According to my man, my evening battle dress " winter mode " is sexy and glamorous as one pleases (wide pants on formless thick pullover = include rather : pajamas = Petitbobun looks like nothing = Petitbobun lost of her sex appeal).

(Fortunately, he does not take offence at it any more !)

The temperatures are cool certainly, but I do not manage to be used to it while under normal circumstances, I shall qualify in full winter that they are OK. They fell in a too rough way and my body is not used to it. It still stayed in mode "Indian summer" with its afternoons between 23°C and 28°C…

At home, I'm the weather mistress (individual heating rocks !), but in my office, it's another story ! The heating wasn't started yet. I'm thus frozed, even wrapped up in my scarf / shawl, my fingers become blue and are about to fall down.

And what about you ?

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