vendredi 23 octobre 2009

Vogue France : what a shocking shooting !

To end with squeletton models, the magazine Vogue France decided, for its October, 2009 number, to appeal in to the German model, Lara Stone, considered as more "lavish" than these colleagues (gossip radio chorus girl, hello : she's one of the chief editor's favourite, Carine Roitfeld).

Up to there, nothing really nasty… Even if we could make controversy on the term of "lavish" (because already, magazines and us, women who do not fit into a 32 or 34, do not have the same definition of "round").

No, the problem is the shooting which surprised and shocked people. For a very good reason : the white model was painted in black, according to the photographer Steven Klein's will ! Why didn't they chose a black model instead of a white one ?

Naturally, we could think of racism, as the American blog Jezebel did by crying out that " Steven Klein and Carine Roitfeld should know that to paint a woman in black to amuse the white readers is offensive ". But it is not the LICRA's opinion* which considers that these pictures are rather artistic than racist.
* An association against racism

As I'm considered a part of "ethnic minorities" (if I may say things so), I'm not the one who shouts easily in the racism, even if I am sometimes entitled to make it when I hear racial insults against me - feel reassured, it is extremely rare !

If the fact of painting in black a white top creates debate today, why during the collection " Blackhole " spring-winter 2001-2002 parade, designed by stylists, Victor and Rolf, who had then made the same thing to their tops as Steven Klein, had not made scandal in this time ?

Provocation or not, I also believe that the obvious fashion magazine's and the photographer's will was purely artistic. However, it is important to note that when we read this kind of review, it is rare to see black models, whether it is their cover, in ads or shootings.

We had been able to notice, during the American presidential election campaign, a new craze by the black models, thanks to the enthusiasm and the popularity which aroused Barack Obama. But this trend didn't last so long. Naomi Campbell continues to militate so that magazines and creators stop this discrimination and show more black, asian etc models, reflection finally of our crossed society.

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