jeudi 1 octobre 2009

EllaOne, an efficient emergency pill

Now, after the morning-after pill, here is the Ella One two-days-later pill arrival in our pharmacies... for the moderate 30-euro sum (not given, huh !) and not paid off by the French public welfare system (or French national insurance). This emergency contraceptive, only accessible on prescription, can be taken in five days after a sex unsafe (contrary to the morning-after pill, effective only within 72 hours after the intercourse).

Its price is a bit prohibitive and the fact that it is only delivered on prescription can be a brake in the contraception and have limited effects on the decline of termination practised in case of accidental or unwanted pregnancies (today in France, abortions number approximately 200.000 per year).

Anyway there're good news : Ella One is free for minor girls and available in school infirmaries, pharmacies and family plannings.

It is necessary that this pill is prescribed at first by a doctor, because these molecules are tested at this time before that can be purchased without a prescription.

The laboratory made a request to the French sanitary authorities, so that this contraceptive is paid off in the same way as its "fellow" NorLevo (whose 1 million boxes were sold only over the 2008 year).

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