dimanche 4 octobre 2009

(So glad to live with neighbours around)

As you know, I dashed into cohabitation with my Man since last May (6 months already ?!!). Everything takes place, in spite of some false notes bound to my syndrôme "Monica Geller" (in Friends). I am a maniac cleaner (and since the beginning, I'm testing my the disorder and dirt limits - I don't have to exaggerate either, it is not for all that a garbage dump ! There're worse out there !) and Grandbobun is more or less shambolic, having a dish cleaning phobia (one of the characteristics of the male, isn't it ?). Set it apart, I'm flying in a clear sky without a cloud...

... Although if it is not our neighbours of the angle of the street (a bar and its customers, the crazy scooter running fellows in streets) and our "tremendous" upstairs neighbours.

First of all, the bar with its salsa atmosphere... With the smoke bannish law in public closed areas and badly aerated places (which between us is a good matter for the no-smokers), the customers smoke on the pavement and make so much loud, even more when they drink to much during evening. According to the bar opening hours laws, they have to close at 1 am - what is respected. On the other hand, the customers like hanging around and playing up or scolding (as long as to make) during some time still until they (finally!) decide to go back to home.I do not speak either about the scooter furious madmen gang which drive me so crazy that I just want to shot them if I could... These last ones feeling quite powerful (and invincible) aboard their machine, do not hesitate to make roar out their engine as soon as possible ! A noise which do I say ? An unbearable noise pollution for my small sensitive ears ! (Few days ago, I was almost overturned by crossing the street by one of these two-wheeled crazy dude driving in no-entry sign... I just had enough time to jump on the pavement before being touched by the machine... What idiot !)

Nevertheless we are lucky, even if we don't have double-glazed windows, we don't hear so much our neighbours. Except those above our apartment, who are very noisy. I really think they live at night... Although I often hear early in the morning the gril with its high heel shoes running through her flat before slamming the door to go to her office, to school, what can I know ?Why do I dare assert that they live at night ? Simply because from 10:30 pm or 11:00 pm, we intend them to bustle. Almost every evening. When I tell "bustle", it is that they are vacuuming (Are you Monica Geller ?), to move furniture to the right or to the left, to bring down something on the floor or to have sex and to share it with the neighborhood (that it is nice, huh ?)... And yesterday evening, they decided to make some noise and to hit something on the floor with a hammer from 9:30 pm till at least 11:30 pm (why so much hatred ?).We are lying towards midnight (oh the old men we are on Saturday evening ! !! Yes... Arf... I have never said that we were "night lads" !) and I enjoyed to intend them to bring something down on the floor 5 times in a row, in interval of 30 seconds... I almost believed that they made it on purpose (unless being ill from polio ?).I was ready to deceive it " sponge of the ceiling with a broom " and Grandbobun, to go downright to kick their butt...

Between us, I have never known this kind of inconvenience because :1/when I lived at my parent's, it was in a house, 2/when I took my independence, I was lucky to acquire an appart in the last floor (thus it is rather me who could annoy my little old man who's living just downstair... But I pay great attention : I exchange my shoes for tslippers - even barefoot, and I walk of a light step. According to my neighbour, he still hears me but knows that I make of my possible to be discreet !).

And me here is thus to discover the enjoyments of this life in community !

We do not regrettably choose our neighbours, we live with them... I understand that when we are at home, we love to do whatever we want in our appart, even if it means saying " f ** k " to everyone and to remind them that we are free of any movement - and making noise, at home.
Yeah. OK. But just to remind it : the word "freedom" means " the absence of constraint and the independence. The law guarantees the principle according to which the personal freedom stops where begins the others' one. " And others, it is us, it is them... I believe that we can make what we want at home, as works or the household, at decent hours. Besides the fact of relieving me a bit my nerves, I do not write this note to say to the others what they have to do or not, but just to be civilized and to think a little of the others while we are taken by a "vital" need to annoy our downstairs neighbours and of close.

Here is it was my fit of sunday bad temper !... Good weekend to you !

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